2020 Integrated
Management Report
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Responsible environmental management

In 2019 Strategic Sustainability Plan (2019-2023) was approved by the company’s senior management. The Plan aims to raise the level of the company’s responsibility in the field of sustainability to work towards becoming a leader in environmental management through eleven lines linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

The Strategic and Global Objectives of the Sustainability Plan are:

Following this strategy, Cellnex implemented several actions during 2020: 

  • Development of Cellnex’ s sustainability and climate change policy in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (L1 Sustainability Planning and Management).
  • Complete screening of the scope 3 of Cellnex’s carbon footprint calculation (L2 Climate change mitigation and adaptation).
  • Update of the assessment of risks and opportunities related to climate change, following the recommendations of the TCFD (L2 Climate change mitigation and adaptation).
  • Analise the climate scenarios of all countries following the recommendations of the "Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) (L2 Climate change mitigation and adaptation).
  • Collaborate in drawing up the Cellnex’ s Energy Transition Plan (L3 Energy management).
  • Life cycle assessment for the Telecom Infrastructure Service (TIS) (L4 Responsible management and circulation of resources).
  • Identify sites in protected areas and associated regulations, specifically sites located in areas of the Natura 2000 Network (L6 Natural areas and biodiversity).
  • Undertake a global mobility study (L5 Sustainable and safe mobility).

These actions will be coordinated from Corporate but will be implemented in all geographical areas. It is also worth highlighting the actions that the countries develop by themselves, such as Cellnex Italy. 

Ecosistema Aziendale Sostenibile Integrato (EASI)

Cellnex Italia established an Integrated Sustainable Business Ecosystem (EASI) allowing it to specify and be aware of all relevant aspects on sustainability issues.

EASI is based on the integration of Social Responsibility and Sustainability into the strategy and business process of the company. In this way, Cellnex Italia is the first company worldwide to be full sustainability integrated by DNV-GL certification, including all the company’s processes. 

Cellnex Italia pursues its path to sustainability by adopting an integrated strategy to combine business growth and financial solidity with social and environmental sustainability, creating long-term value. To this end, Cellnex Italia has defined the project “SosteniAmo” as a commitment to all stakeholders (internal and external) on sustainability issues.

Following this line, in mid-2020 Cellnex Italia launched the "SosteniAmo Insieme" competition among its workers to identify actions that can combine business growth and financial solidity with social and environmental sustainability, creating long-term value. Five initiatives will be chosen, and a Working Group will be set up for each of the projects to study the idea and transform it into a feasible project and implement it.

Further actions are developed beyond Cellnex itself, for example in Spain, Cellnex has collaborated with Ambientech with a participation in the “Climatic emergency” educational itinerary as well as the participation in the educational itinerary of “Circular economy”. During 2020, around half a million visits were received to the website on the subject of "Climatic emergency", and around 181,000 visits on the website on the theme of "Circular economy". Moreover, the age range of the visitors was very diverse, although the majority of participants were under 35 years.

Also, Cellnex Netherlands is a partner in Green IT Amsterdam, a platform consisting of over 50 parties that promotes a strong local datacentre industry that invests in green solutions.

Moreover, Cellnex group offer training to their employees that aims to be aware of sustainability. The employees received 403 hours of training related to sustainability. 

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